Peaches the Office Mascot


Office Mascot

Peaches is our firm’s mascot.  She takes her role very seriously, and looks forward to coming to work each day. If you haven’t had the pleasure, your advance to the office door will be greeted with the pitter patter of her feet rushing to meet you. If you already know each other she will not hesitate to let you know she is happy to see you again, and will be hopeful of some time spent on your lap – particularly if you have come bearing treats!

Peaches is a young at heart Havanese, which is part of the Bishon family. Havanese are known for their silky soft double coat of hair combined with a sweet affectionate nature. If you don’t have time to pop in and say hi you might still catch a glimpse of her sitting on the couch in the reception area watching the world go by.