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Angela Rogers

Office Administrator

Angela joined the Colby McGeachy team as the Office Administrator (otherwise known as the glue that holds us all together!) in January 2012. Angela’s professional career did not begin in what you would call a normal office setting…. She started off in veterinary medicine as a veterinary assistant and later took on the role of head receptionist…. quickly growing the reputation of customer service within that practice. This tradition continues today as those of you who have had the pleasure of working with Angela can attest to!

After caring for animals for over a decade Angela decided to try her hand with humans, and she moved to an OBGYN clinic. Angela loved working directly with the patients combined with the challenge and hectic pace of helping to run a busy medical clinic.

Most of us would acknowledge that making such dramatic changes in your work environment takes a lot of courage! If you know Angela, you know that she is fearless (how else does she get up in front of hundreds of people each year to act and sing with the Mississippi Mudds troupe?). This fearless nature is what Angela has brought to our practice – she is always willing to implement new procedures and practices through the use of ever-changing technology.

Many of you may not be aware that Angela has a serious green thumb (note the health of our office plants!) and is quite the accomplished photographer (some of her work is featured on our website).

Angela is not only responsible for making our client’s welcome when they attend the office, she also manages our entire online presence and social media outreach; here she combines her love of challenge with her sense of humour.

In July 2018, Angela graduated with Honours from Algonquin College in the Bookkeeping program.

Angela Rogers
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